connecting stories to action for change



Film, perhaps more than any other medium, has the power to break through and reach people on deeply personal and emotional levels that compel them to want to get involved and take action.  But it takes more than a good story to make social change. It takes a strategic community engagement plan, effective communication tools, and dedicated partnerships.

Qwaves Outreach Partners helps media makers translate their stories into social action by designing and implementing high impact community engagement campaigns that complement traditional marketing and distribution strategies.  Based on the runaway success of the grassroots OUT IN THE SILENCE Campaign for Fairness and Equality in Rural and Small Town America, QWaves puts the emphasis on engaging audiences where they live, building movements and supporting causes from the bottom up.

We are currently using the Qwaves model to help with outreach for David Weissman’s important new film WE WERE HERE and several other social issue docuemntaries.  Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of working with your film.


Qwaves Outreach Partners